Can’t Pay Online with my Debit Card (4 Possible Reasons Why and Quick Fix)

Have you been trying to make payments online with your Debit Card and getting  responses like “Error with your card”, “We were unable to complete transaction” “your card was declined” and so on.

You might be making payments successfully in the past, but suddenly your debit card starts getting refused or declined by websites or payment gateways.

This happens mostly when you try to purchase Domain names, Web hosting, Services etc.

I would be sharing with you four possible reasons why this happens and how you can fix them.

#1. Your card is not enabled for Online/International Transactions

Yes. This is one possible reasons why payment gateways or websites may not accept your debit card.

This happens mostly to new debit cards i.e. the ones you collected newly.


What you need to do in this aspect, is go to your nearest bank branch and ask them to enable your debit card for online transactions. They might give you a form to fill.

#2. Insufficient funds

Debit Card is enabled for online/international transactions but you got insufficient funds. Your card may get declined if you do not have enough funds as required to complete a transaction. The website might not give you a response like “Insufficient Funds” but this is definitely one of the reasons you debit card might not be accepted.


For you to be sure, you should try to check your account balance to see if its actually the reason why you were unable to make payments with your debit card.

If it happens that you have enough funds for that transactions and you still are not able to make payments, then check the next possible reason below.

#3. You’ve reached your Monthly Limit for International Transactions.

As per your bank policy, you are offered a limit for international transactions. This includes transactions in USD, GBP, etc.

For First City Monument Bank (FCMB) Nigeria, the monthly limit i.e. the amount you can spend per month is set to $100.

When you’ve reached this limit, you won’t be able to carryout international transactions till the next month. I’ve tried asked them if there was a way to bypass this but No they said.

So this is another possible reason why your debit card might not be accepted.


Recommendation is to contact your bank to know how much you are entitled to spend on international transactions (your limit) per month so you can know when this happens again.

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#4. Card declined by your Bank

There are cases where you want to purchase huge products online or you are actually to purchase products (that may seem alarming) this may be that what you were trying to buy is very expensive. In order to prevent fraud your bank might decide to decline the transaction to keep you on a safe side.


In my case, whenever this happens my bank calls me to confirm if I actually was the one trying to make payment using my debit card.

I accept and the issue is fixed but this might be different in your case. If they happen not to give you a call, you should call them to allow you use your card.

You might be asked few questions to confirm and you should be able to get over it later on.

So this are four possible reasons why you might not be able to Pay Online with your Debit Card.

[toggle title=”Bonus Tip” state=”open”]Visa Debit Cards are best cards to make payment Online Including international transactions. So get a Visa Card from your Bank [/toggle]

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Let me know if you have other reasons not mentioned in this post.

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