How To Develop An Android App Without coding For Free Even Using Your Phone

How to develop an android app for free using mobile phone

Every serious minded person would like to develop something that could earn him some money or even make a greater him/her.

If you have been looking for how to do the following, then you are on the right post

  • How to develop an android app without coding
  • How to develop android apps without coding for free
  • How to build an android app without coding

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This tutorial today is basically for bloggers. With this you can get an android app for your blog or website without stress of coding and interestingly monetize these apps. But before we jump into designing and monetizing it is important I explain how this works.


for those who don’t know about creating an Android App using this website. This website lets you create apps without stress which after setting up the app in a non-coded way will be set for download as it is automatically sent to your spam box in your email.

Many Bloggers (blogspot and wordpress) out there do see their competitors creating such apps and have always wanted to get one for their blog. Some people do even demand for some amount of money before they spill the beans about creating an Android App.

But I am here to teach you, because every master was a student. Just follow the procedures and you get you own Android App smiling at you for free.

Some Things You Need To Know About Appyet

I won’t really go into details but will explain the basic stuffs you need to customize your own Android App to your taste.

This can be customized for those on the blogspot platform and wordpress platform, but through different methods of posts delivery.

For Blogspot, your posts are delivered to this App via your blog feed and are auto synchronized.

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Users of this app automatically get notifications whenever you publish a post without stress. But good customization of the app brings all this. Though you would make mistakes but you just have to keep trying to be on point.

For WordPress users, the setup isn’t far from that of blogspot as posts are received via feeds. Recent posts are revealed to users via notifications to individuals who downloaded the app after about 5 minutes of the post been published.

How to Develop an Android App without coding with Appyet

1. Go to and create an account, after registering a confirmation message will be sent to the registered email, just login to your email and confirm your account.

2. Before proceeding, it’s important you have

  • A Logo for notifications
  • A Banner that will be used in the app.
  • You also need an image for the app’s icon.

3. After registration and activating your account you should see create app at the upper part (left) of your PC screen, now click on it and let’s begin.
4. You are required to fill in the App name, and the design you want. You shouldn’t worry about the package’s name. after that click on create app and move to the next step.

5. Now all the requirements I stated in step two is very needful here, now just fill in every necessary detail  and Save
6. Now this is a very crucial part, because after saving it still keeps you on the same page. Please don’t submit to build yet. Now all you need to do is look at the upper part of your screen, you should see tabs like Module, setting, theme, monetize. Just click on module
7. Now scroll down to new module. For bloggers you should see ‘Feed:Blogger’ for wordpress users you should see Feed:Wordpress. Select from the platform you use and create menu name as e.g. New Post, Latest Posts, blablabla. And Save.

How to develop an android app

8.  Now you can start playing with this, creating and removing modules to your taste.
Additionally, you can monetize this app via various advertisement platforms. Though we recommend you advertise with admob.

But wait! I guess some people feel approval is complex with admob, but cut that, it pretty easy to get your account activated. You just register on and immediately your account is approved. After getting approved you go to appyet and login, insert the given ad unit and save.

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Like I said, errors will be made but you can learn from your errors. By just editing the already saved apps you created.

So this is how to develop and android app without coding.

I guess this helps.  If you encounter issues with the app setup in any way, comment and we will try to help you.

Author Bio :

Precious Ojoka is a distinguished blogger providing the latest Freebrowsing cheats, cheapest Data plans, Latest phone reviews, and more to youths out there. He is having vast experience in writing and Digital marketing and now operates his own blog  on a regular basis.

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    I’ve Followed Through All The Steps You Highlighted Here. But Now, I Dont Know How To Get It Published For People To Start Downloading..I Cant Even See The Download Link Of The App I Created.

    Pls Help On This.

    1. OK, you have no problem. I guess you have submitted to build? If you haven’t, check the tabs above, you will see build. Just submit to build. But if you have just go to your email, check your spam folder, check for a message from, open, find the attached apk file and download.

  2. I’ve Been Expecting The Mail From Them Since But Have Not Seen It…I Will Still Keep Working On It Till I Get It Right.

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