Can’t Login to WordPress because of a stuborn Plugin? Here is a quick fix

WordPress Plugins are extensions that beautify our WordPress blogs in the way and manner that suit our views.

They are styling extensions that add value to our works on WordPress self-hosted platforms.

About 2 million plugins have been published on WordPress platform.

Most are paid while some are free.

But whichever version of the plugin you are using, they can give a headache sometimes.

I have always had issues like

“You have entered an incorrect reCAPTCHA value”

Many plugins can give similar issues on a daily basis.
what piece me up is the fact that you can’t even log in to your WordPress dashboard (

Some may have issues with your comment box or contact forms.

This whole issue mostly happens with reCaptcha plugins like Google Captcha (reCaptcha) by Bestwebsoft, Captcha Booster etc.

This usually happens due to incorrect setup while some are just stubborn.

For ReCaptcha by bestwebsoft, you can get the error when you apply it wrongly.

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That’s if you configure the ReCaptcha giving a label like ( comment form) this API Key is most likely to work only on the comment form. You must not apply it to contact form.

This means that if you need the ReCaptcha too on contact form you, therefore, need to configure another API Key using the label ( contact form).

The same thing goes to the Login form. Yes, you can also enable Recaptcha on your login form.

This helps to prevent spam comment and bots logins.
What interest me with captcha booster is the facts that each time a user attempt login to your WordPress dashboard, you will be notified with an email from captcha booster, showing you details of the login such as IP address of the user, Device used etc.

This notification is sent on both successful login, failed login and logout.

But what if it’s the type that you cannot login to your WordPress Dashboard?

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What are you going to do?

Don’t worry, we will do it together right here on this post, don’t be scared.

How To Fix “You have entered an incorrect reCAPTCHA value” or any other Plugin issue in WordPress

First, you need to use your PC to make it professional without making further mistakes.

1) Login to your Hosting cPanel.

2) Navigate to You File Manager

Note that this is where all your information are been stored. So, better becareful with your mouse control

3) Choose the domain that the plugin that is giving you trouble were installed

4) Navigate to where you see wp-admin and click on it as seen on below screenshot

Follow the image direction>>>Wp-admin>>>wp-content>>>Plugins

5) Here we will rename that stubborn plugin

I choose to rename one of my plugin which bears the name AliExpress-affiliate

Now I will rename Aliexpress-affiliate to AliExp

That’s the final step then now you will be able to login to your WordPress Dashboard.

This issue always happen and a lots of complain have been made on plugins supports forums which most of them where not answered.

I decided to answer the questions and most difficultly i find it headache to upload all images for illustration for a private chat that’s why I decided to share this tutorial publicly.

I hope this help….

If you still experience any issue regarding this tutorial please let me help you out through your comments.

Please Read, Comment and share to help others too.

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