30 Must Have WordPress Plugins 2017

“What are the Must have wordpress Plugins? Is one of the questions most Bloggers ask.

Lately, I shared a post on a Plugin I use to Automatically Share Old Blog Posts to Twitter which helped you gain more tweets  and as well increase your blog traffic.

Today we would be sharing with you 30 must have wordpress plugins 2017 you should starting using on your WordPress blog right away.

You’d agree with me that, there are Plugins and there are Must-have plugins. We would be looking at 30 must have wordpress plugins 2017 today.

Keep Reading;

1# Akismet Anti-Spam WordPress plugin

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Askimet is the most popularly known and used WordPress Plugin that helps keep your wordpress blog from spam.

Why Use Akismet?

Daily, Spammers don’t stop spamming to get backlinks and or popularity, this can give you tough time; having to moderate spam comments.

There are times you wake-up to see more than 30+ comments awaiting moderation that are actually spam. you wouldn’t want to go through the stress of deleting each of them.

This is why Akismet WordPress Plugin is handy because it automatically sends Spam comments to your Spam. you can as well set it to automatically delete Spam comments.

You can download Akismet WordPress Plugin from WordPress.org

#2 Sumome Plugin


If you are looking forward to increasing your Blog Growth (Traffic) then Sumome Plugin would help you accomplish that as soon as you start using it.  Below are what it helps with

  • Gain more shares on your articles, images etc.
  • Builds your email list and
  • At a whole (Grow your Blog)

Download Sumome Plugin here

#3 Yoast SEO Plugin


Every Blogger on the wordpress platform should have heard of the yoast Worpress Plugin. Incase you don’t know yet, then yoast helps you setup your WordPress Blog for Search Engine Optimization. Below are a couple of things you get when you activate Yoast SEO Plugin

  • Guide in writing a well-organized Article
  • Makes your Articles ready for indexing by search engines
  • At Whole helps you write a search engine friendly article to boost your Blog

Yoast Plugin comes with Free and Premium. you can download the Free Plugin here and Upgrade Later to premium

#4 Wp-Formshttps://ps.w.org/wpforms-lite/assets/banner-772x250.png?rev=1371112

If you need to get in touch with your Customers in this year 2017. then WP Form is a must have WordPress plugin for you!

Download WP Forms here

#5 W3 Total Cache

https://ps.w.org/w3-total-cache/assets/banner-772x250.jpg?rev=1041806A slow site is very non friendly for readers. Your Images, CSS, Databases, etc slows down your Blog. That is why you need W3 Total Cache to deliver your Blog Contents such as the images, CSS, Database etc. To improve the Speed of your WordPress Blog.

All you need do to get started is Download the W3 Total Cache Plugin

#6 WP Statistics


One of the most WordPress Plugins that helps keep your Visitor Statistics such as the No. of visitors Online, the search words they used to Land on your blog, Referring sites and Lots More. Right from your Dashboard.

Download WP statistics

#7 Backup Buddy

https://ithemes.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/wordpress-backup-plugin.gif Your WordPress Blog could get attacked by Hackers. So it is always recommended you backup your wordpress blog often so you don’t lose your data. Backup buddy helps you do that.

Its a Premium Plugin you can Purchase it here

#8 Google Analytics for WordPress

https://ps.w.org/google-analytics-for-wordpress/assets/banner-772x250.png?rev=1598927Similar to WP Statistics but with more advanced Features. Google Analytics helps you monitor your Blog traffic. with Google Analytics you can see how visitors find and use your website, so you can keep them coming back.

Download Google Analytics for WordPress

#10 Thirsty Affiliates WordPress Plugin

https://ps.w.org/thirstyaffiliates/assets/banner-772x250.jpg?rev=806034Thirsty Affiliates WordPress Plugin is one of the most used Plugin by Professional bloggers. It helps you clone (hide) your affiliate Links. If you are into Affiliate Marketing, then you will find this Free Plugin handy.

Download Thirsty Affiliate WordPress Plugin Here

#11 Captcha Booster

https://ps.w.org/wp-captcha-booster/assets/banner-772x250.png?rev=1638933If there is one Plugin that sends notifications to your email when Unauthorized Users logs in to your WordPress blog then you have Captcha Booster. Apart from notifying you of Logins, it also acts the role of preventing spammers with its easy Captcha. ‘

Download Captcha Booster Here

#12 Revive Old Posts

https://ps.w.org/tweet-old-post/assets/banner-772x250.png?rev=1456985What is more than having evergreen contents? You can bring your Old Posts live with Revive Old Posts WordPress Plugin (Former Tweet Old Post). You don’t have to go through the stress of manually sharing your old posts. This Great Plugin helps you share your old posts automatically to social media Networks on activation.

Download Revive Old Posts Plugin Here.

#13 Smart 404 Plugin

This is a very Important Plugin. It helps Rescue your Readers from site errors! When content cannot be found, Smart 404 will use the current URL to attempt to find matching content, and redirect to it automatically.

Download Smart 404 Plugin Here

#14 WP SmushIt

https://ps.w.org/wp-smushit/assets/banner-772x250.jpg?rev=1642596These Plugin automatically scans your Images, Resize, optimize and compress. Founded by WPMU DEV

Download WP smushIt Here

#15 Broken Link Checker

https://ps.w.org/broken-link-checker/assets/banner-772x250.jpg?rev=1268512Broken Links is Bad for SEO. That is why you have Great plugin like Broken Link Checker which checks your Blog regularly for Broken Links and notify you Via Email or your WordPress Dashboad.

Download Broken Link Checker Plugin here

#16 Page builder Plugin by Site Origin

https://ps.w.org/siteorigin-panels/assets/banner-772x250.jpg?rev=1044755This is a Simple Drag and Drop Plugin you can use to Create Widgets, Call to Actions and Lots more. you don’t have to be tech Savvy to use this Free Plugin.

Download Page Builder Plugin Here

#17 OptinMonster

Image result for optinmonster

Build your Email List with OptinMonster WordPress Plugin. This is one best wordpress plugin you can use to Turn your Visitors into Subscribers. This is not a Free

Purchase OptinMonster WordPress Plugin Here

#18 Wpestore Plugin

Image result for wpestore

WpeStore Plugin helps you sell digital Downloads Products such as  ebooks, mp3, photos etc from your wordpress Blog without the service of a Third Party.This is very handy if you sell digital products on your WordPress Blog.

You can Purchase Wp eStore plugin Here

#19 Sucuri

Image result for sucuri security

612 × 225 – sucuri.net

This is a WordPress Security Plugin. Its main goal is to monitor and protect your site from malware threats, attacks, brute force attacks etc.

Its a Premium Plugin. You can Purchase it here

#20 Buffer

Image result for buffer

Keeping your readers engaged requires you share updates on your social media networks. Buffer helps you do that by scheduling your posts. This helps promote your posts and as well drive more traffic to your blog.

Get Buffer Here

#21 Insert Header and Footer WordPress Plugin

https://ps.w.org/insert-headers-and-footers/assets/banner-772x250.png?rev=1610266For the Non Tech Savvy, you might want to insert codes to your WordPress theme Header or Footer manually through editing which if done wrongly may lock you out of WordPress Dashboad. This is why you have a Plugin like Insert Header and Footer. This plugin lets you add those codes without stress or need for editing.

Download Insert Header and Footer WordPress Plugin Here

#22 Rename WP login.php

This is another great Security Plugin that prevents unauthorized login to your WordPress Dashboard. With Rename WP Login.php you can easily change how you login to your WordPress Dashboard.

Download the Plugin here

#23 Disqus Comment WordPress Plugin

https://ps.w.org/disqus-comment-system/assets/banner-772x250.png?rev=1636350Your Comment System matters alot. If you are looking forward to replacing the default wordpress comment system you can get the disqus plugin for this. Its one click install and automatically imports your previous comments so you don’t lose any.

Download Plugin Here

#24 Social Locker

https://ps.w.org/social-locker/assets/banner-772x250.png?rev=1636213Do you Offer Freebies on your blog? maybe you could convert those freebies into shares. With Social Locker you can offer freebies to your Readers. you share the freebie and its ready for download when they share a particular content.

Download Social Locker WordPress Plugin Here

#25 Subscribe to Comments Reloaded

https://ps.w.org/subscribe-to-comments-reloaded/assets/banner-772x250.png?rev=1328994Keep your Readers up to date and coming back when anyone comment on a particular post they have also commented on. This way you tend to bring them back and as well keep engagement.

Subscribe to Comments Reloaded plugin lets you achieve this. When activated, it appears beneath your Blog Comment section.

Download the Plugin Here

#26 Publish Confirm

https://ps.w.org/publish-confirm/assets/banner-772x250.png?rev=938277This is a very Important WordPress Plugin you should not Overlook. Its very awkward when you are writing a Post (For Draft) and your Mouse mistakenly clicks on the Publish button.   No Worries, Publish Confirm WordPress Plugin is up to the Rescue.

When Activated, Publish Confirm would automatically pop-up to ask if you really want to Publish that Post. This saves you.

Download Publish Confirm WordPress Plugin Here

#26 Google XML Sitemap

https://ps.w.org/google-sitemap-generator/assets/banner-772x250.png?rev=586957This is a Go-Ahead if for one reason or the other you refuse to install the Yoast SEO Plugin. This plugin will generate a special XML sitemap which will help search engines index your blog Faster.

Download Google XML Sitemap Plugin here

#27 WP Downloader

https://ps.w.org/wp-downloader/assets/banner-772x250.jpg?rev=1085706For Instance you have a plugin in your Dashboard and you want to install right away without going to any third party site, Wp Downloader is the Man. It Adds a download button to every of your WordPress Contents e.g. Plugins, Themes etc.

Download WP Downloader Here

#28 WP Limit Login Attempts

https://ps.w.org/wp-limit-login-attempts/assets/banner-772x250.png?rev=1225433To get a more better security for your WordPress Blog. WP Limit Login Attempts Plugin help protect your WordPress Blog from Unauthorized Users. It limits thе number оf timеѕ a uѕеr can аttеmрt tо log intо уоur ассоunt.

Download WP Limit Login Attempts Plugin Here

#29 Redirection WordPress Plugin

https://ps.w.org/redirection/assets/banner-772x250.jpg?rev=983642You Just moved to a New Domain or Planning to, Redirection WordPress Plugin is up to the task. Redirection WordPress Plugin would help with a 301 redirect, to help keep your site from url errors, this can happen as a result of changing or updating a post’s URL. This Plugin would make sure your Visitors don’t encounter errors.

Download Redirection WordPress Plugin Here

#30 Canva WordPress Plugin

https://ps.w.org/canva/assets/banner-772x250.jpg?rev=951934We saved the Best for the Last;

What could be more than having your blog posts titles demonstrated with Beautiful Images?. Canva WordPress Plugin helps you achieve that with thousands of beautiful layouts. Ensure every blog post has an engaging image.

Download Canva WordPress Plugin Here

So we come to the end of the Post on 30 Must Have WordPress Plugins 2017.

Over to you;

Which of these Plugins have you found to be more useful to you? or which do you recommend we add to our next compilation? Let me hear your Views in the Comments.

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