The Only Guide you need to Start Your Own Blog

Sometime last month I promised my readers I’ll be sharing my blogging tips I know as my own little way of giving back. I’ve also been getting several emails and WhatsApp texts from numerous people asking me to provide them with a clue. On how to go about starting their own blogs, like or any other blog they admire. Well, I want to use this medium on PronoahGuide and use one stone to kill 2 birds and also answer everyone’s questions all at once.

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Blogging isn’t anything out of the ordinary, to summarize it and put simply, it’s just a way of sharing information with the world. It is about doing what you know how best to do and put all those brilliant ideas of yours in writing for the world to read and gain knowledge from. There are several types of blog, a blog is categorized based on the contents found on that blog. 

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Blog Category by Name:

Some blogs can also say what they’re all about just by the name, e.g,,  etc. Hearing the name, you need to be told that it is a technology blog.

However, there are news and gossip blogs like lindaikejis, bellanaija, etc. These are blogs that write mostly news (sports, politics, gossip, etc.) articles.

There are also religion blogs, these are blogs whose contents are mostly of religious news and religious related articles, like, etc. Just know that you can know what a blog is all about through the name, and secondly, the contents of that blog.

Now, back to starting a blog, you’ve probably seen and known one or two blogs that you visit mostly on a daily basis. And you’ve had it in mind to start your own blog and hopefully make money from it. Well, that’s OK, but there are things you need to put into consideration. You need to plan every step and action you take, you need to to know the rules and secrets, by following below steps:

The only Guide you need to Start your own Blog

1.    Decide What to Blog About:  

This is mostly where most fellas get it all wrong. They want to be into everything, well that is not gonna work, you’ll probably end up like Jack of all trades, master of none. Blogging needs to be precise, it needs to be exact. It’s ok to be wanting to be into everything, we’ve all been there, but in time, you’ll see that the more precise your blog is, the more you’ll have a chance to focus on what blog as well as how to become good at it. You can never be good at everything, and the same thing applies to blogging. Pick what to blog about, pick at least 2 or 3 things to blog about but let them all be related in one way or the other.

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2.    Choose a Name For Your Blog:    

While you are deciding on what your blog’s going to be all about, you also have to choose a unique name for your blog while you’re at it.


Getting a domain can be really challenging, especially if you’ve taken a great deal of time and moment to figure out a name for your blog, only find out that the name is already taken. Or it’s premium, which means it’s gonna cost a lot of money to purchase.

The best way to solve these domain name issue is to use your name or the nickname as your blog name. Trust me, it’s gonna sound off and awkward at first, but it gets better with time. And sooner or later, it’ll begin to have a nice ring to it.

3.    Choose A Blogging Platform:   

There are several options you will have here and feel free to explore anyone of your choosing. Blogging platforms are often called CMS (Content Management Systems), and they include

  •     WordPress
  •     Drupal
  •     Joomla!
  •     ExpressionEngine
  •     TextPattern
  •     Radiant CMS
  •     Cushy CMS.
  •     SilverStripe
  •     TinyCMS

and of course Google’s Blogger.

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Each of these CMS has a unique feature that differentiates them from one another, but technically, all of them does the same work, which is content management.

4.    Find a Host:   

A host is like your regular house rent with address, which you give out to people to use and locate you. Buying a host just means to purchase a space in the clouds, so that once you connect your blog name (Domain Name) to the host, people can use it to locate your blog in any part of the world.

There are several hosting sites which you can use, like GoDaddy, BlueHost, HostGator, Whogohost, Web4Africa, DomainKing, etc.

Please bear in mind that there are thousands of hosting services on the web, but using a company with an excellent reputation in hosting services increases your chances of getting known and popular. Using a poor hosting service reduces the chances of your blog ranking high and attracting more visitors.

5.    Begin Your Blog:   

This is where you start your blog, depending on the CMS you’ve decide to use, the procedure may slightly vary. You can either use a Hosted WordPress blogs which refers to “ blogs.” Or a Self-hosted WordPress blogs which are often referred to as “ blogs.” (recommended if you will use WordPress). Or, you can use

Google’s blogger which I find quite easy to use and with millions of tutorials on the web. uses Google’s blogger, so it’s up to you to decide which one you will use.

6.    Design & Use Your Blog:   

So you’ve decided to finally start your blog depending on the niche (what you’ll like to blog about), well congratulations. You are already on the way and now is time to begin putting those beautiful and brilliant ideas of yours into writing and publish them for the world to read. 

After starting your blog and you’ve already written at least 5 articles, now is time to design and beautify it. Don’t just go and start advertizing your blog to people yet, wrap it under the sheets and keep it to yourself. The reason for keeping to yourself yet is that you need to beautify it, make it look beautiful, simple and attractive, so that once people starts visiting, designs won’t repel them and make them not to visit again.


Finally, blogging entails a lot. It’s more than just writing stuff and putting them on the web. In my next articles, I will be talking about other blogging tips (especially the basics). But in the meantime, feel free to ask any question and share your views for other blogging beginners and aspirants to read and learn.


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