Make N2000 per Article about

One thing is starting a blog with high quality contents and second is monetizing or making money from the same blog.

I have shared many articles rangin from How to startup a blog to making money from the blog. So I have decided to  make up another post here on how you can make money from your Blog.

As the title of this post implies am going to be teaching you  ‘how to make N2000 per article about

But before getting to the main reason for this article, please do read below:

All about Yaanews

YaaNews is an offline newspaper in Nigeria. The website is the online version of it.

They focus mainly on getting you Updated with valuable Breaking Nigerian news, world news, politics, sports news, entertainment, business news education, society, jobs and more…

How to Make Money  on Yaanews

These are few things you will need to get started
1.  A blog: You will need a blog to get started. Incase you have not created a blog yet. Please follow this guide on starting a self hosted blog (WordPress) or starting a free blog (Blogger)
2. Create and publish an article about on your blog
3. Notify the admin of the post by sending a mail to yaanewsaeditor [at] make sure you replace [at] with @ and also make sure you include a live link to website in your article.
You would be contacted for your payment as soon as article is confirmed and you are done.
You can take advantage of this if you are the type that manage more than one or two blogs.
Please let me know in your comments if you have questions or contributions.
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