Causes of wp-admin 404 not Found and quick Fix

WordPress is one of the best Content Managing System for creating of websites or blogs. But WordPress can be difficult for Newbie bloggers who tend to build their blog on it. If you just installed WordPress and are a newbie then definitely you would be facing some challenges e.g. Causes of wp-admin 404 not Found and quick Fix. This post is here to fix one of those challenges.

One of the challenges is a time you wake up and notice that you are not able to access your WordPress dashboard. Normally there’s a default way of getting access to your WordPress dashboard which is plus wp-admin making it

You are then asked to input your Username and Password which enables you log in to your WordPress dashboard. But sometimes you get an error which has something like “404 error page Not Found”.

At this moment, you couldn’t think of what to do and then you come across this Post. So without wasting much of your time. Let me get to the main purpose of this post. d

Causes of wp-admin 404 not Found and quick Fix

Normally when you search for this Topic online, you would have so many suggestions regarding it. On this post am going to be touching certain causes of this error you have not seen on other sites. So that is why I will recommend you read this till the end.

So below are the major causes of this error.

1. Plugins

While Plugins can be very useful, they can as well tamper with your WordPress site. Some of these plugins can cause harm your site thereby causing logging in issues. So it’s very much recommended you check each plugin for new updates so you can update them.

Quick Fix 

So whenever you see this error when trying to login to your WordPress blog or site. Quickly disable or delete a plugin and refresh your page and see if it works. Now you may be asking “how do I disable the plugin when I can’t gain access to my wp dashboard?. You need not worry because there are more than one way you can delete a wordpress plugin. Since you can’t gain access to your wordpress dashboard you can delete a plugin from your host File Manager >> Cpanel.

To do this,

  1. Go to your Cpanel
  2. Locate wp-plugin
  3. Now you can see all the plugins installed on your wordpress site, then delete as seen in the screenshot below

wordpress cpanel

After deleting any of the plugins, refresh your page and see if it works for you. In case it does not work, see the next step cause below;

2. IP Address Issue/Browser

If the above did not work for you, then the problem might lie with your browser or Ip Address. Perhaps your IP has been blocked from accessing your WordPress dashboard.

Quick Fix

This time you should consider logging in to your WordPress Dashboard with another Computer to see if it works fine. If it does, then try and Contact your host provider. This happens if you mistakenly blocked an IP from accessing your wordpress dashboard.

Depending on your hosting provider, you may also get a page to check the list of blocked IPs. You may also consider clearing the cache of your browser which you normally use for logging or uninstall it and re-install. This should fix the problem.

If it does not then consider the next possible cause.

3. .htaccess

Sometimes this problem might be caused from the .htaccess file which is located right there in your Cpanel

Quick Fix

Though it might be hidden at first. To unhide your .htaccess file. From Cpanel go to Settings>> Check “show hidden files (dotfiles)” as seen in the below screenshot. 


Show hidden files (dotfiles)


Now you can back it up first and then head over to deleting it. Refresh your WordPress admin page to see if it works fine!

I believe the above major causes of wp-admin 404 not Found and quick Fix has helped you in solving this problem.

If you have questions and or contributions, please use the comment box!

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