How to Transfer Paypal Funds to your Payoneer Account

On PronoahTECH today, will be talking on how you can withdraw funds from your paypal account to your Payoneer Account.

I assume you should already know about Payoneer Mastercard, The benefits of using a Payoneer Mastercard, Ad networks that pays with payoneer mastercard, etc.. But incase you don’t already have the knowledge of a Payoneer Mastercard, you are advised to kindly read about Payoneer Mastercard for receiving Payments Online.

I have heard of complaints from some fellows that they were not able to link their Payoneer Mastercard to their PayPal Account for withdrawing their paypal funds, meanwhile this was as a result of them doing it the wrong way!

If you have a Paypal Account that can send and Receive Funds, and have your Payoneer Mastercard for receiving payments online then you are in the right place because right now on PronoahTECH you are going to learn how to withdraw your Paypal Funds to your Payoneer Account.
So back to the main purpose of this Post.

How to Transfer Paypal Funds to your Payoneer Account

Follow the below Steps Carefully to achieve this

1. Login to your PayPal Account: Now this is where some make mistakes. You are not supposed to click on the Link a Card Instead Click on Add a Bank Account as seen in the screenshot below:

2. Now in the next dialogue, you would be provided with where you would Add your Payoneer Account Details as show in the below screenshot:

3. To get all this details, login to your Payoneer Account, and click on Receive >> Global Payment Service to get your Payoneer Account Details!

4. Now your Payoneer Account Details would be displayed i.e. If you want to receive payments to your Payoneer Account from any Company that accepts Payoneer, that’s what you’re going to give them. It is similar to the below screenshot.

5. So you now have Your Payonner Account Number, Routing, Account Type, and Bank Name which is what you’re going to submit to Paypal in Step 2 above.

6.  So, now fill the Bank Details as stated in Step 2, and Save and you are Done adding your Payonner Account to your Paypal for Withdrawing funds.

Transferring Paypal Funds to your Payoneer Bank Account

Now if you have funds in your Paypal and want to Transfer it to your Payoneer Bank Account, follow the below short steps

8. From your PayPal dashboard, Click on Transfer Funds and in the space for where you are transferring the funds to, click on your Payoneer Account as seen in the screenshot below


9. Enter Amount you want to transfer and Click on Continue, Now at first, it will be set to pending, and takes maximum of 3-4 days to set your Transfer to Completed.
Completed here does not mean the money has arrived in your Payoneer Mastercard, It means Paypal have sent your money and it is on its way to your Payoneer Bank Account!

So it takes a maximum of just two days for the money to be credited to your Payoneer Account!
Summary, the money should be credited to your Payoneer Account in less than a week (6 days).

Below is a Transfer of $30 from my Paypal Account to my Payoneer Account, which brought up this post!

When It was credited to my Payoneer Account

That is all about How to Withdraw/Transfer Paypal Funds to your Payoneer Account. 

If you find difficulties with any of the above steps, feel free to relay them in your comments, Your comments are always appreciated.

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