Blog Completely removed from google search results? Here is a Quick Fix

Lately if you are a regular visitor of PronoahTECH here, you will notice that I have’nt posted  for a while now due to maintenance which would be shared right now with you!
On this post am going to share with you
  1. Why my blog PronoahTECH was completely removed from google search results
  2. What actually caused the removal
  3. How to avoid being removed from Google search Results
  4. What to do when you find out that your Blog has been removed from Google Search Results
How do you feel when you wakeup one day and noticed that your traffic had totally reduced from the normal way? That was what actually happened on PronoahTECH. I just woke up one morning only to notice that my blog’s traffic went down totally, usually google used to be my top referring URLS, and it suddenly disappeared!
Well, in order to confirm this, I logged on to and typed in PronoahTECH and to my greatest surprise I saw that all my contents were deleted from google search results including the images.

So why was it actually removed?

I went on to  google webmaster tools and saw a message that my Site has been removed from their search results due to what they called Sneaky Mobile Redirects.

They said “Google has detected sneaky redirects for mobile users on your site. This
means that mobile users visiting your site are redirected to another
page or are shown different content than your desktop users. This
creates an unexpected experience for Google Search users and violates
our Webmaster Guidelines. Therefore Google has prevented the offending
pages from showing in search results. This manual spam action has been
applied to
To reinstate these pages in search results, remove the spam and file a
reconsideration request. After we determine that you have complied with
our guidelines, we will remove this manual action.

Well, this sounded like a pain reliever though, because i’ve gotten to know the problem and how to fix it. Sneaky Mobile Redirects tends to redirect users on mobile to other sites and this is caused by Some Javascripts by Adnetworks like Chitika, Bidvertiser which are given to publishers to put on their sites to earn!
So now you know what caused the mobile redirects and google’s punishment, too many Javascripts (Adcodes) implemented on my blog PronoahTECH

How to Avoid being removed from Google Search Results

In order to avoid this, I recommend you
  1. Do away with too many Javascripts mostly (Adcodes) on your Blog as most of the scripts actually redirect your visitors to other sites unknowingly which is contrary to google webmasters rules and guidelines i.e. Do not use too many adnetworks on one blog
  2.  Listen to what your visitors are saying about your blog: One effective way to know what goes on in your blog is from the review of your visitors
  3. Always visit your blog from a smart phone to know how it loads and how to improve it incase of any detected suspicious activities

What to do when you notice your Blog has been Removed from Google Search Results

Sometimes you may not notice your site redirecting users to other contents, then google removes your blog from its search results, its required on your part to submit a Reconsideration Request. When such happens google would notify you via message on your Google Webmaster’s Dashboard and how to fix. Below is how to Submit a Reconsideration Request.Make sure you’ve checked your blog template or gadgets and removed all necessary codes you think redirects your users. In my case I made sure i removed all adcodes.

Then from the reconsideration request link submit a resonsideration request in this form

Good day! I really appreciate your efforts to make the web safe for all!

Concerning this issue! I’d love to say I did not actually notice my blog was redirecting!

I have made sure I disabled all ad codes on my blog (now Tipsonblogging)

Thanks alot for your kind feed back!

It takes Google 1 – 2 weeks for a reply

Finally After submitting the following reconsideration request this was the message they sent me after 6 days

This was how I got indexed on Google Search Results again!

Hope this post would help in preventing your blog from being removed from Google Search Results!

Feel free to leave your comments.






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