Referral/Affiliate Programs that Really Pay in Nigeria 2016

I would like to share and or highlight some referral/Affiliate Programs that you should consider joining if you are a blogger in Nigeria and want to increase your earnings.

Making money blogging is not a day task and takes lots of time that’s why it requires patience before making it online as a blogger.

First, you ‘Learn’, then you remove the ‘L’ which is to earn.

I have always been striving to provide you with ways to make money with your Blog here in Nigeria, So I have decided to share this post with you on some tested and trusted Affiliate or Referral Programs you can join to make money with your Blog.

All the programs I would be highlighting here is Nigeria based, that means they all pay to your Local Bank Account here in Nigeria when the payment threshold is reached.


Make Money with Cool Naira Referral Program

Coolnaira is a People-Helping-People Online Networking Business where you invest, introduce people to invest under you using your referral link, and earn 50% commission from their investment. You will get your investment fee back in no time + huge profit in the long run.

This is a networking business suitable for Students, Fresh Graduates, Job Seekers, Bloggers, House wives or anyone who wish to earn money online. This is because, it can be done at your own convenience, even in the comfort of your home or place of work.

Coolnaira is made by Nigerians and for Nigerians. You earn commission and get paid to your bank account. 100% guarantee.

NO Hype, NO Scam.

•  The idea on is very simple. Every member earn from each members investment.

•  When you join now, upgrade by investing minimum of 1000 naira which will be shared by your sponsor & upliners. Introduce at least 2 people who invest same amount under you and get your money back as you earn 50% from each of them.
Now start introducing more people to earn profit. The more people who register through your referral link or username, the more 50% for you the more profit.

Sign up for Cool Naira Now



many Facebook updates have you made in the last couple of days, months?
What if someone told you that you could get paid every time you post,
would you believe it?

You have probably seen those guys
asking you to click a link to buy a particular product. From where they
are sitting, they create original content for their network of friends,
family and audience, they literally place the message on your doorstep
and make a killing from you!

How it works

The first step is to sign up for the affiliate program,
after which you will have an account and receive a a message in your
email that you have successfully signed up for the affiliate program and
your account is awaiting approval.

Now that you have signed up, keep calm and wait for approval

After your account has been approved, you will come up with eye-catching, product selling
artwork and content for your status updates and still continue to
interact with your friends but this time not pro bono.


How to make the cash

Your account as below will show, the amounts you make every day using
the blue bars and the number of people who clicked on your link using
the line spikes.

To make the program work, you will need creativity, loads of it. Some
days you will make money and others you won’t just like any other
business, DO NOT stop! Guys will buy that product you promoted last
month when they get money. Trust me, they will scroll your timeline and
make the purchase!

How to get your  link for Affiliates Sign Up

link for affiliate Sign ups earn you N300 per any one who signups using
your affiliate link, kindly note that it is not same with the link you
will use in promoting the products, So do not make the mistake of
wrongly using it. 
To get the Affiliate sign up link, Click on Promotion Icon and Navigate to Advanced Tools >> Sign up Sub Affilliates as seen in the screenshot below 

Below it you should your affilate link, its something similar to this

Shorten the link

After you copy the link, use a shortening app/software in this
case, I love Bitly. Copy paste the link and add it to you status update.
You are good to go!

Copy it, and post on your facebook timeline, forums, twitter, etc..
anyone who registers and gets approved through your link you are
credited with N300.

 How to get a link for product promotion

get a banner to add to your blog for promotion , Next to the Promotion
Icon at the left, you will find the the banner and Links tab, from there
choose your desired banners to promote  and copy paste the code of
the product you want to promote on your blog and add it it to the
HTML/Javascript Gadget to get the Banner Displayed!

The promotion doesn’t end on banner ads only You can also get a General
Link to promote on your facebook, twitter, linkedin accounts.

the top right there is a unique link you can use to promote the
products on your Status Updates, Posts etc. Its always at the top of
your Jumia Pannel, Just Copy it and Paste any where on Social Media
Networks but its recommended you don’t Spam, Instead Write a Review
First! It looks like this on your Pannel

Any one who buys any product through your Links you get N700 Commission same goes with the Banner Ads

Note that: Purchases made through your link will need to be confirmed upon
verification. Some folks may buy through the link and later change their
mind or cancel the purchase, note you will only get paid for items,
purchased, processed, delivered and paid for.

Approved commissions

After the confirmation is done, your confirmed commissions will show
on your account. This is the actual amount that will be sent to your
bank account.

Should you join the Jumia affiliate program?

The online social world has become a way of life, everyone is on
Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram, name them. There is always
an exciting story, a trending topic and while at it, there is nothing
more motivating than getting paid for it.

Your success with the program will be tied to your brand, the more
you present products to your audience, the more they learn to rely on
you and while slowly carving yourself a position as a consultant in a
particular product category you make more money.

For bloggers who do reviews for different products attaching a ‘Buy
Now’ icon with your Sub-ID at the end of the review will go a long way
in increasing you income.

As I pen this post down Facebook has 1.5+Billion users, Twitter has
288+Million, Instagram has 300+Million, LinkedIn has 347+million. The
fact is the affiliate program is a go! This link is your invitation

Sign up here  and start earning right away

To finally butter your bread *winks* below is recommended for you


Kindly permit me to Introduce this Adnetwork in Nigeria to
you called Nairapp. Ever heard of Nairapp? You might not have heard of
them but if you are on twitter then its certain you’ve heard of them!
When last did you earn from your Blog?

is an advertising network in Nigeria, which you as a blogger join and
is served ads or banners to promote on your blog in order to earn.

you are looking to earn from your blog traffic, then Nairapp is one of
the best option, especially if you are a Nigerian Blogger. From my
experience of Nairapp so far I consider them to be legit and worth

Just like I said before they are
not that popular on facebook but if you are the type that is active on
twitter you can try check them out.

How it works

The first step is to sign up with Nairapp,
after which you will have an account and receive a a message in your
email that you have successfully signed up for the adnetwork.

Now that you have signed up, you are one step closer to earning with your blog.

After you are welcomed to your dashboard as seen in the screenshot below, follow the next steps

How to make the cash

Your account as below will show, the amounts you make every day using
the blue box for earnings, purple box for earnings from referrals and the number of people who clicked on your link/Banners!

To make this really work for you its recommended you get enough
traffic to your blog through updating posts and sharing because it all
depends on how many people clicked the banners/links plus Impressions 

How to get the Nairapp Ad Codes to Place on your Blog

serve two types of ads which are the Banner and Text Ads – you are
required to place that on your blog so you can earn when clicked on by
visitors coming to your blog.
To get the banner/text ads to place on your blog Follow the below steps!
1. From your dashboard, Navigate to Places >> Add New Place and Choose your preferred Ad Type, be it banner or text ads! 

2. Input a Title for the Ad and click next step
3. From the next option, click Save 
4. Finally
you would be provided with some Ad formats, chose your choice by
ticking and Scroll down to where you can copy the Code to place on your
Note that this code can be used on any Blog you own!

They normally pay N10 per click but depending on the option selected by advertisers it could be more.
to this earnings, you can also earn from referrals who registered
through your referral link. You can easily get your referral link from
your dashboard at the bottom right as seen in the screenshot below!
will earn more from affiliates, if you can post a review of Nairapp on
your blog! the referrals in the screenshot are the ones I got from my
facebook status update earlier and am still looking for more.

How do I get Paid?

you reach the minimum payout limit which is N3000 you get the money
transferred to your Bank Account here in Nigeria or through Paypal!

You can easily Add your payment details by Navigating to Management >> Edit Profile and scroll down to where you select your payment Method and Details.

For bloggers who do reviews for different adnetworks attaching their referral link at the end of the review will go a long way
in increasing you income.

Sign up here  and start earning right away

Remember am always striving to help you earn more with your blog by providing you with legit updates on how to earn blogging.

I have come to the end of the Post, For  now these three are my top most trusted programmes that really pay, Note that as I put down this pen now, it doesnt mean there aren’t other trusted Affiliate/Programmes that pay, there are many of them, but for now, these are the ones that I have personally tested and I highly recommend them. 

I’m still looking for more ways you can earn online, and I would update you as soon as Possible. 

Make sure to drop your comments if any questions or contributions.


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