how to promote a particular product in kaymu affiliate program

If you are an affiliate of the above Mentioned Market i.e Jumia (Kaymu Affiliate Program), then this post is for you! If you’ve still not joined, you can See how to Join here and start earning as an affiliate.

On this post am going to show you how to promote a particular product of Jumia as an affiliate.

I’ve noticed lately that many are finding it difficult trying to promote a particular product, Lets take for instance you see a product and thinks its what your audience wants but you really can’t connect it with your affiliate link, That’s what am going to show you today.

So at the end of this post you are going to be promoting any jumia product of your choice i.e. Which means you can connect any jumia product with your affiliate link for promotion.

Follow the below steps carefully and ask questions where necessary.

How to promote a particular product in kaymu affiliate program

How to Generate the Link of a Particular Jumia Product for Promotion

1. Go to and search for the product you would like to promote
e.g: Iphone

2. Go to the particular Product you would like to promote and Copy the Link as seen in the screenshot below

3. Now login to your Jumia (Kaymu Affiliate Programme) Dashboard by visiting here

4. Click on Promotions >> Advanced Options as seen in the screenshot below and select Deeplink Generator


5. Paste the Product link in the box and Click Generate Code and there is your link for promoting that particular product.

Now all you need do now is copy the new generated code and start sharing on facebook, twitter and other social media networks.

Tips to effectively promote Jumia Products and earn Commission

A Blog is one great place to promote products,  all you need for this is
  • A Product Review Blog. I prefer a blog specifically for product reviews
  • Get the Image of the product you would like to promote
  • Write a review about the product stating its price, quality and so on
  • At the end of the review Input a Buy Now button, either an image or text and make sure you link it with your affiliate link
 That’s it!
Feel free to leave your comments be it contributions or questions.
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