How to Create Pages in Blogger

Follow the below steps to create any page in your blogger/blogspot blog.Step 1. Login to blogger >> and go to dashboard

Step 2. Click on Pages

Step 3. Click “Create new page” and Input your page title

Step 4. Write whatever you wish to write and after you’re done writing, click publish

Repeat the above steps to create as many pages as you want.

To display the new page in your blog homepage follow the below steps:

1. Go to layout >> In the side bar click on “Add a gadget”

2. Select ‘Pages Gadget’

Step 3. Now all the pages you’ve created would show up, Just check/tick the boxes behind those you want displayed.

You can re-arrange by “dragging and dropping” to show which page appears first

Finally, Click Save

All your pages would now be displayed in the side bar of your blog homepage.

Also See: How to add a Navigation System to blogger

Having any difficulties executing any of the above steps? Let me know in your comments.


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